Testimonials about Abe

  • “It seems as if Abe and I have been through the wars together. He’s the go-to guy at Medill, and I’ve been lucky to play a part in his projects from time to time. He’s a guy who always tells it like it is.”
    Rance Crain, president and editorial director, Crain Communications
  • “Journalistic scholar. Insightful wit and wisdom that targets the changing ways we receive news and information. Solid craftsman who stresses the importance of quality journalism, regardless of platform.”
    Vern Henry, former editorial director, Advanstar Communications
  • “I truly think that our group has benefitted from your work; it was apparent that you were prepared for the “Coatings Division”, and we appreciated that. I can already imagine some kind of follow-up in 2011, as we really appreciated the format and the content: Very relevant, high quality, mix of vision and hands-on, well run, customized to our needs. Wonderful.” Juergen Nowak, editorial director, European Coatings/Vincentz Publishing
  • “Everything I know about magazines, and every success I’ve had in this business, can be directly traced back to the time I spent studying under Abe Peck. More than twenty years later, he’s still my friend and mentor.” Evan Smith, president, Texas Tribune, former editor, Texas
  • “BPA Worldwide has worked with Prof. Abe Peck in bringing the BPA University program to China. This is an industry training program designed to take media company rising stars and expose them to the different facets of the business. Abe worked with us on the editorial side of the media business and had one of the most popular sessions in the BPA U.”
    Glenn Hanson, president and CEO, BPAWW
  • “Abe is ‘Mr. B2B’ and ‘Mr. Magazine.’ His expertise is deep; his enthusiasm infectious. We are proud to be his colleagues.”
    John Lavine, dean, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University
  • “Abe is a guru in transmedia storytelling. He has deep understanding in audience and rich experiences of creating engaging content for both traditional and digital platforms. We worked together on various consulting projects, such as China’s most influential liberal media Southern Newspaper Media Group and VIVA Me, Chinese equivalent for Flipboard.” Jing Zhou, founder and CEO, White Night; co-director, Girls in Tech China.
  • “You were a hit! We’ve had a lot of big-name guest speakers this summer, but you were the crowd favorite. Thanks again!”
    Karen Springen, co-director, 2009 Medill Magazine Innovation Project
  • For the whole story of this journalistic era, the book to read remains Abe Peck’s ‘Uncovering the Sixties: The Life and Times of the Underground Press.’” “Books of the Times,” New York Times, 10/7/09

Testimonials about Suzanne

  • “Suzanne is considered a partner and confidant by our leadership, management and union alike. Her flexibility to adapt to our changing environment and unique demands has been exceptional. And her reputation as an expert in her field has resulted in a high level of comfort and confidence.”
    Joe Medellin, Director of Diversity and Community Relations, Mittal Steel
  • “Suzanne’s guidance and generous spirit have greatly accelerated our progress on the path toward diversity and inclusion. She has also helped to make the rough patches smooth.”
    Cheri’ Chappelle, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Illinois Tool Works
  • “You can imagine how difficult it is to teach this subject to senior executives from an industry that has struggled with diversity for more than 25 years. Suzanne uses an excellent mix of personal experience and best practices layered upon the talents of the participants in class. The result is thoughtful and passionate discussion by a very engaged group.”
    Michael P. Smith, Managing Director, Media Management Center, Northwestern University
  • “It was a pleasure working with Suzanne to develop the framework for diversity and inclusion at Quaker Oats… a strategic assessment process that clearly identified roles for the CEO and every employee throughout all levels of the organization.”
    Joyce A. Ingram, Esq. Former Director, Diversity and Community Relations, Quaker Oats; Current VP of HR at Florida State University