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Inside B2B Media class success

Seven grad-student wonder women collaborated with Inside Unmanned Systems to enhance the brand’s social media strategy around a major exposition, from a tweetstorm to strategic recommendations. Well-done!

My “meaningful magazines”

Which were significant 50 years ago? Which are now? Here’s a take from me and Pacific Standard editor Nick Jackson:

Great Job by Medill B2B class

Belated kudos my summer “Inside B2B Media” class at Medill. Fine job of tuning up an actual title, across platforms.

When a brand audit goes well

Worked with personnel from a magazine in a competitive space. Nice when staff prepares a forward-thinking worksheet and participates to embrace genuine change. Also nice when the COO says it’s fine to spend money to make money. Awaiting their reply.

Inside B2B Media

Abe leading his annual Medill graduate class in repositioning a B2B magazine. Smart students revamping various platforms to align with a changing market. Presenting to executives 8/21.

Summer of Love redux a success

Abe happy to have participated with 100 academic and lay students of those 1967 daze. Moderated two panels and participated in discussing the Media of the Summer of Love. Covered the double helix of the psychedelic Oracle and the street-news Communication Company.

Women Speak Up

Strong event at Santa Barbara’s Faulkner Gallery 3/9/17. Suzanne attended as part of Women’s Commission Listening Panel. Troubling amount of harassment and assault.

Abe’s Travel Weekly articles

Now available under “Creative Gallery”

Abe judging again

The final round of the Jesse Neal awards, the best of B2B. This follows a stint at the National Magazine Awards (consumer) and precedes sitting down with AZBEE entries from ASBPE, the business editors.

ASBPE presentation of B2B

A keynote to the Chicago Chapter of ASBPE
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